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If we agree that the Nigerian politician is reprobate, then we should be careful how we get worked up every time they do the normal, which is use public funds to satisfy their private pleasures.

Or is it public display of affluence acquired through public funds?

These attitudes are as old as Nigeria starting from the first republic.

The picture of Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh first Minister of Finance, with a wrapper trailing yards behind him like a bridal gown never ceases to amuse me.

It was not enough that each yard cost a lot of money, he needed to prove that he had more than enough money to spend on extra yards he did not really need.

Satisfying private pleasure at public expense and flaunting it is a status issue because it also comes with immunity.

In effect you can complain all you want, nothing will change except giving yourself a headache.

It will take more than public outrage to change the Nigerian politician.

Like I am quick to tell my friends, the Nigerian politician is no better than a monkey.

If you like, groom its hair all you want, wear it the best bespoke clothes labels, slap on the most expensive perfumes and feed it caviar and champagne but all of it will not change what it is, a monkey.

The Nigerian politician has a primitive prodigality about him, that will take more than public outrage to change.

Animals need to be tamed and that is the context in which the issue should be addressed.

So Femi Gbajabiamila held a birthday bash to celebrate the 90th of his mother, Alhaja Lateefat Olufunke Gbajabiamila in Dubai.

It is nothing new.

In every political dispensation or era in Nigeria creates its own class of irresponsibles who squander the nation’s wealth in foreign capitals while the home country is left like a rat hole.

In the 2nd republic, the in-phrase used to be breakfast in London, dinner in Paris.
That is what the politicians did junketing with girl friends.
Nigeria Airways borrowed the lines for its TV Commercial at some point.

That Dubai is the new destination is no surprise because it is an inherent flaw in a prodigious class that is driven by pleasures and not common sense.

How do you explain, what would make a man want to go all the way to Dubai to show off his status in a beautiful city at the same time his country is picking up the title of the world’s number one country in open defecation?

Who is going to be impressed with the number four citizen of a country declared the world’s open toilet?

The fact is our politicians show off to audiences that are not just unimpressed but are in truth scornful of them.

The sad thing is that they also are mostly professional politicians and have no other livelihoods than it and since they live for today, their tomorrow ends badly.

Some are lucky to have something to fall back on but not so for others, who finally sell off all they acquired by ill gotten means.

Dino Melaye reminds of such prodigious indulgence.

He is the subject of another story where he filmed a video of himself in a Dubai apartment, singing about his “bukata” and praying for divine intervention because his status “enu mi to fe” needs to be maintained with plenty of money.

He goes on to list some of the items which include, houses in London, USA and Dubai, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Ferrari and school fees for children.

Melaye produces nothing and owns no manufacturing company but owns these things.

The real producers who keep the economy running and creating employment do not behave like morons like Melaye who sadly are some people’s super star.

Let it be made clear that I have nothing against anyone being prodigious with his money or his inheritance.
It is his to spend as he wishes.
However it is criminal for anyone to do it with public funds.

Lanre Lasisi media aide to the Speaker has issued a denial that public funds were not used which of course we know is hog wash.

The truth about these is that it is part of how we roll, that public officers live above what they earn.

It is the same reason why a civil servant would have 5 billion naira worth of assets and 2 billion naira in multiple bank accounts on a salary of less than 1.2 million naira per annum.

Femi Gbajabiamila is Nigeria’s number 4 citizen for God’s sake.

Lasisi also said contrary to the online media’s report that 300 guests were there, the number was much less as it was a gathering of close family and friends.

Indeed, we know how our close families and friends run into thousands, with extended families and the friend of the friend to a friend.

There is really no use issuing denials, we have a good idea now why some people want immunity to be extended to Presiding Officers of the NASS.

All I know is that all bad governance has expiry dates and so too do all bad things must come to an end.

My prayer is that when the end comes it should be of the worst kind, a seismic change that consumes these primitive prodigals that will send fear down spines.

It is a language that tames even the wildest beasts.
Nigeria is not immune to the worst kind of change if politicians continue this way.

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