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By Rotimi Makinde

…The disease has no respect for sex, status, age boundaries, rich or the poor. We are all equals before the endemic called coronavirus and also known as COVID 19. Equality in the eyes of its spread, each of us is open to likely attack and must be treated equally by the unknown medication (trial and error ) that attracts the principle of self isolation and subject to the almighty quarantine justice….
The poor in the society, the less privileged are already used to economic quarantined, but what about the rich, the president, the ministers, the senators, the honourables, the governors and those powerful individuals in government circle . The low class before now seek no pleasures in travelling abroad and they are already used to common mushrooms clinics, hospital wards and acquainted with multiple patients but not so for the rich, the high calibres who have their specialist and health centres, special drugs outside their domain or country… No discrimination in the eyes of Coronavirus, all human beings are equal in its court. Now, we are all forced to humbled ourselves to stay at home and to collectively fight the disease even without enough food in our stomach or kitchen and to face the future that is full of uncertainty… That is the that is finally here, no politician is now thinking of second term or any future ambition, every political theory and calculation is suspended. No new marriage is being contracted, businesses and church activities paralized. Needless for any landlord or creditor to think of struggling over unpaid debts. Removing any party chairman or restraining on person or the other is of no importantat this moment, no one is even sure of tomorrow, not even the ones who claimed to be called by God. What is paramount in everybody’s mind is how best to live.
Everyone now needs the mercy of God because everyone has messed up. We have all hurt other people and made mistakes in many ways of our existence in life. The rulers have sinned in several ways and neglected the governs over the years. We have all sinned and we all have hurts eachother, habits and hang ups as a result of the mistakes we’ve made in the past. We never planned for any Isolation centres but now we need it,we never planned for good hospitals but now we are desperately in need of many of it. We rejected thousands of jobless people and thousands of applications of several health workers but today we are in desperate need of this important service we now called noble profession. So many people must go out before their daily need, to eat daily is a big problem to many, now they are being forced to stay at home.No policy in place to cater for emergency such as this not to talk of care to plan for the less privileges or our oldies. We are in serious worldwide dilema.. If we are lucky to escape this.! Coronavirus is teaching us the need to do what is right with others, to love being merciful to others and to live humbly, see our partners as friend, love our environment and think of a better, secured and healthy society…. One of the beauty of this period is that our fat bank account balances may become useless to us as an individual, those numerous properties which includes our fleet of cars may become meaningless. Lets therefore pray it ends and end very fast for us to assimilate the spirit of forgiveness, generosity, accomodative and kind to one another in any given situation…. “No society can surely be flourishing and happy,of which the greater part of the members are poor and miserable” Adam Smith.

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