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The Three Man Voodoo Armed Robbers Caught In Calabar.

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We have been in robbery business for 3 months now, says armed robbers arrested for trailing bank customers in Calabar 

Peter Nnazode, Ifeanyi Ebama and Chukwuemeka Obi are cooling off at the detention facility of the Anti-Cultism and kidnapping Squad at the Cultural Centre in Calabar for their involvement in trailing bank customers who make huge withdrawals to rob them of their money.

They were arrested by the police in Calabar after trailing an individual who just withdrew money from First Bank in Calabar road.

The three man gang confessed that they have been in the business for three months now.

According to one of them, Ifeanyi Ebama, they specialise in patrolling within the premises of banks within Calabar metropolis to monitor individuals who come out of the banks with huge sums of money either on nylon bags, Ghana-Must-Go bags or big envelopes.

The robbers, who further narrated their tactics, explained that they used a well shaped rod in opening car doors and breaking glasses to cart away the money.

Luck ran out of them on March 17, 2020 in Calabar, as one of their usual ways of disposing innocent residents in Calabar of their hard earned money failed.

It is worthy to note that the robbers have similar body marks, close to their shoulder and behind their back; making it suspicious that the operate as a cartel of voodoo armed robbers, but certainly, the voodoo failed them in broad day light.

They however, begged the police to forgive them, adding that they will turn a new live if they are pardoned.

They were arrested with a sienna vehicle car in which they used to trail members of the public from banks and a rod used in opening car doors and breaking glasses.

The State Police Commissioner, assured that the three man gan will face the wrath of the law.

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