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By: Antiquity Prince A.A.A.

Life is not easy ho oo haaa!!!. I repeat, life is not easy. Life will give you soap, without water to wash or bath, give another person water, without soap to wash or bath. Life will give you a good woman/man, without money to maintain him/her, give another person money, without a good spouse, to enjoy the money with. Life may decide to give you good money, good wife, good job, etc, but no child, even when you marry from the family of Hebrew, yet no child, but when you look by your side, you will see another person that has children, incidentally, his children are vagabonds or prodigal children….. The type of children that qualify the adage that says, “He who buys land and drags people’s land always, will have a child or children that only sell and waste land. The most confusing about life is that, when you look at the past, you will conclude that you have paid your dues, yet you find it difficult to understand what you have and where you are.

For instance, you decided to be a virgin until you marry, and you painstakingly made it, became a virgin for 33 years or more, after marriage, no issue, they will either say you have fibroid or infection or your husband spermatozoa is not active, the worst of it all is when a doctor will tell you that medically you are okay. I mean, both of you, husband & wife, are medically okay, but yet, this is four years you got married, no issue; by that time, you will have no option than to suspect your village people (aka ndi village nó ya), your uncle(s) becomes your number one suspect, sometimes you will suspect your siblings, especially the ones that are richer than you.

In another development, you may have good results in school, with your B.Sc in Engineering course, M.Sc double honour, Ph.D, plus professional courses, yet no lucrative job, you are still teaching or lecturing, earning less than #150,000 a month. Do we have Ph.D holders that have no work?… Yes of course, they are plenty. Haven’t they paid their dues academically or educationally…? Sometimes, those that have #150,000 salary a month, will have cars, sorry, Motor, that will be cunningly taking more than #60,000 a month. You know some motors are very cunny. They will be serving you manageably, but eating your money cunningly. I used Motor here because, there are differences between Motor, Car, Vehicle, Machine and other automobiles, we equally have Motor mixture and Motor problem (meet me on stage, as M.C, I will tell you the differences).

Let me give another example of a difficult life. You are a pastor, you, have prayed for a lot of couples without issues to have issues (I mean children)… You have prayed for couples to have children successfully, you prayed for some wives to be of good behaviours to their husbands, you cast away demons, but since you became a Pastor, you have not been able to have a child. You pray for couples to have children, but you cannot have a child. Some pastors who have children will pray for your wife, or just (only) an advice, your wife and kids will be submissive and obedient, but unfortunately, this same pastor has a Jezebel at home, as a wife, has a flirt as a daughter and notorious prodigal son. His power, annoiting, prayers, etc, have not been able to organize his family, in fact, the devil lives in is family as a landlord, not a tenant. Then, the Pastor can be asking himself… What have I done wrong?. When I was growing, I never insulted my parents, I never lived a worthless life, why will I have a bad wife and regretful children?… And I am a man of God, I cannot divorce anyhow, I cannot marry two wives, I need to show good example to my Church members… Several questions will come to his brain without a perfect answer, his blood pressure will rise and come down daily, this is a known Pastor that people know that he is powerful, but unfortunately, he looks powerless at home. My people, life is not easy ho ooo haaaaa!!!.

Finally, I know of a brother who started writing WAEC and JAMB for people, from S.S.2, more than ten persons have gotten admission from him as a result of the WAEC & JAMB he wrote for them, some of them graduated, after four years, but it took him 7 years to pass his own WAEC & JAMB before he got admission. That’s life for you.

To crown it all, Uche Nwosu applied for Ohakim 10,000 jobs, when Ohakim was a Governor, in 2010/11, he was expecting #46,000 as state salary then, but the same Uche Nwosu who never became a staff (just an errand boy to his boss) in any office or company, later became Chief of Staff to Imo State Governor, not only that, he was the first In-law to the then Governor, just last year, the same Uche Nwosu that applied for Ohakim 10,000 job seekers, contested to become Imo state Governor, with same Ohakim. In fact he came second, very close Ihedioha, while Ohakim came 5th, very very far from Uzodinma that came 4th. Is this not funny?… Today Uche Nwosu has almost all the “wood and wool” hotels in Owerri, thus, Willow-wool, bookywood, Nollywood, Hollywood, even only-wool hotels (you know what I mean).

To crown it all, some people were born with silver spoons, some with golden spoons, few were born with diamond spoons, etc. These type of people do not suffer, since they were born, they have been enjoying from birth, even to marry, there parents will choose for them, marry for them, buy beds for them and teach them how to sleep with their wives, etc. But, when you check yourself, you had 2:1 (second class upper) B.Sc Accounting, but no bank has recognized you, let alone accepted you, even when you wrote their exams and passed, they still gave the job to the guy that got 2:2 (second class lower) or third class in zoology. Tell me what a zoologist will do in the bank with third class result. Is it not funny?. That’s life for you.

My brother, my sister, you have followed a politician for several years, yet nothing to show for it, and you are still there, with all your qualifications??‍♂??. You have been a teacher for over 8 years, with your 2:1 result, yet your salary is below #30,000, haven’t you tried.? Your uncle is a Director, Chief Executive Officer, a Senator, a Manager, he has been given people jobs, a lot of people have thanked him for giving them job, but your C.V has been with him for over 5 years now, yet, he is tell you that he is trying his best. What of your cousin that your father trained in school, his is made now, stinkingly rich, but he is telling you to wait and have hope, very soon, etc… Which hope?…. Hopeless hope or what? Which very soon?.

Well, in all, I have some adages for us (in Igbo & English languages)……

O mewere ma chi ya e kweghi, onye uta, a takwala ya.

Do your best and leave the rest for God.

Check very well, your situation is not the worst, you are still better than a lot of people.

Check again, there are still some people around you, that wish and want to be like you, even in this your situation.

If Hope Uzodinma can now be a Governor from 4th position, you can be lifted from Grass to Grace.

If Uche Nwosu can be promoted from errand boy, washing cars, serving Ada Rochas, to marrying Ada Rochas, Governorship aspirant, you can be promoted too.

If Hope Uzodinma’s wife can be promoted from N.Y.S.C in Abuja, to , the youngest First Lady in Nigeria, (1990 to 2020, 30years old), you can still make it.

According to Dr. Sir Warrior, the highlife musician, “Chi awughi otu”.


Keep struggling, keep trying, keep, serving him/her (if necessary), or you change your master, but Never Give Up, it shall be well, the dry bone can rise again, you can still rise, never say dead, until the bones are rotten.


Antiquity with ubiquity like uniquity & ambiquity without iniqutious iniquity or inimical indignity.

Rotn. (Anchor) Antiquity Blue Blooded Prince A.A.A.
{A Prolific Writer, A Trained & Certified Journalist, An Anchor/M.C, An Author of 5 Interesting Books, Esq.}.

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