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The Oracle of Bourdillon, The Borgu Jagaban

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Jagaban has histroy that is beyond him being Governor of Lagos. In 1992, he was the preferred choice for Senate President but seeing that his ambition would jeopardize MKO Presidency in 1993, he stepped down his ambition, took the back seat. Also, in 2007, he stood down his Senatorial ambition for one of his followers (Senator Ganiy Solomon (GOS))so as not to jeopardize Fashola ambition as Governor. He formed another political party, he didn’t hijack AD from the failed elders that eventually buried it…..he risked using a new party as a platform for a new candidate. He won!

He never contested for ANYTHING in the party he formed, instead, he left it for Atiku, Ribadu and later GMB!!!!

WHAT manner of a man is this who sacrificed his own ambition for his friends just to eradicate PDP in Nigeria???

God rewards him with success that no man can claim, he holds no office since 2007, yet he’s the most referred politician in Nigeria…. Why? Ask God, his Creator!

You can hate him, envy him, conspire against him but only the Will of God will come to pass in his life!

Longlive JAGABAN!

Says Ayekooto Akindele.

Me: @Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the JAGABAN OF THE UNIVERSE, I celebrate you?

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