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Fayemi vs Lere Olayinka

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Lere Olayinka was Director General of the Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State (BSES) for four years. He left office since October 2018.

Here are the offenses Fayemi claimed Lere Olayinka committed.

  1. They said he bought two telephone sets worth N430k
  • N430k phones for four years!
  1. They said he embarked on unauthorised trips and took Travel Allowance totalling N7m
  • Lere Olayinka was the head of BSES, so who should have authorised trips?
  1. They claimed he didn’t remit over N13m collected as commercials
  • Lere Olayinka was not in charge of commercials.
  1. They claimed he incurred hotel bills worth over N7m
  • BSES never paid for any hotel accommodation, it was barter arrangement.
  1. They claimed he went away with a KIA CERATO belonging to BSES
  • The KIA CERATO was monetised to him at N3m and N100,000 was deducted from his salary monthly.

Vendetta is their real name in APC and Fayemi’s hatred for Lere Olayinka is legendary. On October 8, 2012, this same Fayemi got Lere Olayinka arrested and charged to court for sedition. He (Fayemi) is treading the same path now.

But tyranny will be defeated ultimately.

Me: One day, I mean one day Fayemi will answer his own query
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