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Why Is Kwara Governor Absent During This Covid 19 crisis?

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What has happened to governance and leadership in Kwara State? It seems that the government our otoge movement ushered in doesn’t care much for the people.

As a Nigerian in diaspora, I have been observing the happenings in my dear Kwara State and it is simply nothing to write home about. Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazak has not shown leadership amid this Covid-19 crisis. To say the truth, this is just the rubbing of salt into the injury.

Before anyone begins to castigate me by saying that I cannot be talking from by comfort zone in Atlanta Georgia, let me remind them that I personally put in a lot of contributions to actualise the Otoge change that brought the governor in. I am from Abemi in Ilorin. Although I’ve been away for a long time, I’ve never left or forgotten my people. I know what effort I did in my own community to support the Otoge movement. I did this because we were all fed up with the neglect the Abdulfatai Ahmed administration had inflicted on our people for 8 years and we were fed up with the leadership of Bukola Saraki. We wanted a change and a breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazak has let us down. If it was just about complaints about his performance, I would not have bothered. No one is perfect and I guess he’s still on a learning curve. But I can’t understand why at this time of deep health crisis the Governor is not showing leadership. Just when people need him the most, he has gone absent. Not a word from him. Family and friends tell me he’s no where to me seen to give words of encouragement and assurance to the people.

When you contrast that with what is happening here in Atlanta Georgia for example, you will agree with me that Governor Abdulrahman is falling far short of expectations. Governor Brian Kemp is regularly on TV and social media making direct broadcast to the people. He explains the situation to the people with the most up to date information repeatedly. Even before issuing the Shelter-at-home order, Governor Kemp addressed us on TV. Another example is Governor Cuomo in New York who regularly addresses the people by media briefings daily.

Back in Nigeria, we see many other Governors including Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos, Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna, Governor Oyetola of Osun, Making regular broadcast. But my own state Governor does not deem it fit to have addressed his people even once. This even surpasses the arrogance that we accused the Bukola Saraki cohorts of. In fact, Governor Abdulrahman’s arrogance and lack of care is so breathtaking that it is making the Saraki people look like saints.

Even the so called provisions we hear that the state government wants to distribute is nothing to write home about. The masses are wallowing in hunger and they’ve been asked to stay at home without food. No mention of the health care facilities available to treat patients. No mention of testing program. No mention of provision of isolation centres in any of the senatorial districts. I weep for my people. It really is a pity that all our revolution has landed us with a non-chalant governor.
May God help and save the people of Kwara

Saka Sheu Imam-Malik from Abemi, Ilorin
Writing from Atlanta

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