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Kingsley Odok: The Two Person That Own APC

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There are only two persons that own APC.
And that is Buhari and Tinubu. Both can not work without each other. what ever they agree, they now tell to their children ….who are the governor s, and you have no option than to agree.

It has happened before. When the NEC said Oyegun must stay and Tinubu flew to London discussed with Buhari that onyegun must go.

Buhari returned summoned NEC meeting,and told them there will be convention and Tinubu picked Adam’s oshomole. 

Tinubu has his loyalist as governors.
Like wise Buhari. 
Outside two of them none of the elites in Apc has followers.

Abba kyari can be powerful in the Villa, but not at the national secretariat of Apc.

When u talk of APC, you talk of CPC and ACN. 

If ABBA kyari contest election in borno, he cant win tackles on detecting national politics 

If Tinubu backs out, he is going with 7 governors ….and that’s the end of APC

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